FEMA Camp Coffins Investigated

The FEMA coffins found in Madison Georgia. Supposedly, there were nearly 500 000 of these so called "Coffin Liners" or "Grave Liners" that so many people call them. The manufacturer is called Vanguard and they are located off Interstate 20 in Madison. Popular Mechanics reported that there were no where near half a million coffin liners. After Jesse Ventura visited the site with Alex Jones, they stated that trucks drove in to haul these coffins away.

Of course, Popular Mechanics will try to debunk anything conspiracy theorists like me say. However, they really hate my entire website when you put all the conspiracies together in one spot, because it completely paints another picture than what mainstream media is telling us. These plastic coffin liners may be just what Popular Mechanics states. Just liners to protect coffins from the surrounding soil from collapsing in on top of coffins. However, with such a huge stockpile, one can get the wrong idea. However, that still doesn't mean our leaders have committed Treason in this country. There is extremely high evidence of Treason on multiple accounts. Look through the rest of this website. You'll see what I mean.

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