Brad Martineau – Automate Your Customer Onboarding Experience

Automate Your Customer Onboarding Experience

In This Workshop, You’ll Create a Clear Campaign That Converts Your New Customers Into Raving Fans of Your Brand …

All While Saving Your Most Valuable Asset: Time

What We’ll Create Together

You’ll work straight with marketing automation professional & & CEO of SixthDivision, Brad Martineau, to produce a concrete method that will take your brand-new clients and customers from preliminary purchase to duplicate purchasers of your services or products … All while you sleep.

Using Brad’s approaches, you’ll …

Build & & carry out an innovative brand-new consumer onboarding experience that will alter the trajectory of your customers’ relationship with your brand name (AKA: get off on the ideal foot with your clients so that they keep returning for more).
Utilize 4 shown, fill-in-the-blank design templates to make crafting the best onboarding experience as simple as “FILL IN THE BLANK & & SEND “( and considering that it’s all automated, you do not even need to exist to strike the “SEND” button: wink:-RRB-.
Establish an understanding of what marketing automation actually is (and what it isn’t) and, more notably, what it can do for each element of your company … no matter your market.
Streamline to MAXIMIZE: Optimize and enhance your consumer brainwashing and onboarding experience … WITHOUT needing to totally begin over from scratch (this is crucial).
Scale your whole company by utilizing this tested automation procedure to provide marketing messages, sales messages, and even provide your services or items … all without you existing.

… By the time we’re completed, you’ll have a totally automated consumer onboarding experience that transforms your brand-new clients into raving fans of your brand names. Here’s a sample of what you’ll get …
Sign up today, and let’s put your onboarding method on “Autopilot” …


What You’ll Learn

High-Impact Strategies You Can Implement For Your Business In Hours … Not Weeks.

The procedure of developing a correct Onboarding experience utilized to take WEEKS. Fortunately, things have actually altered.
We’ll take you, detailed, through the whole procedure of crafting e-mails, scripting & & tape-recording a welcome video, and enhancing your onboarding procedure … all in a matter of hours. Not days and definitely not weeks. This workshop is implied to accelerate the procedure of crafting a brand-new consumer onboarding project and conserve you important time.

What Marketing Automation Really Is (and what it isn’t) …

… and, more notably, how it can affect every element of your company. Even if somebody chose to acquire your product and services, does not indicate they will immediately return to offer you more of their tough made money. You’ll utilize your brand-new automated onboarding experience to make that occur … over & & over once again

The Ins and Outs of Marketing Automation … From the very best in business

Brad Martineau has actually grown his business, SixthDivision, into a multi-seven figure marketing automation firm utilizing the specific very same procedures and design templates he’ll teach you in this workshop. By the time you complete this training, you’ll have a totally drawn up onboarding project that will not just indoctrinate your brand-new clients to your brand name, however keep them returning for more.

Deliver a Better Experience & & More Value to Your Customers … By Spending Less Time Actually Working

If you ask any major business owner, company owner, or online marketer what they might utilize “more of” to do their task better, you have a 99.9999999% opportunity of hearing this one-word response:


Think about it … No matter your function, time is at a premium in this market.

Very couple of online marketers have the abilities and skill needed to take a seat and bang out a consumer onboarding experience in one shot. It takes some time to best the copy, the images, the welcome video, and whatever else that enters into an effective marketing project.

Because that’s precisely what an onboarding experience is: a marketing project created to keep your most popular leads returning for more of your product and services … And, if succeeded, can alter the trajectory of your company permanently.

But oftentimes, that’s not what Marketers invest their time dealing with.

In reality, the majority of us invest our time overcoming routine jobs that might (and need to) be automated …

… But determining precisely HOW & & WHERE to automate these jobs has actually traditionally been a battle.

The thing is … once you figure it out, marketing automation has the power to favorably affect actually each and every single aspect of your company …

From Marketing (duh) …

To Sales …

To Customer Retention …
So, how do you do that?
You’ll find out precisely how to do that in this brand name brand-new workshop with Marketing Automation professional and Founder of SixthDivision, Brad Martineau.

Workshop Description

” Automate Your Customer Onboarding Experience” is our brand name brand-new, 1-Day, address your own rate, online workshop that reveals you precisely how to rise your brand-new clients into repeat clients and, ultimately, raving fans of your brand name …
Basically, it’s everything about putting cash in your savings account (yes please) utilizing sophisticated marketing automation techniques to construct relationships with your clients, set correct expectations, and drive sales.

What You’ll Learn

A completely personalized, automated brand-new consumer onboarding project that transforms more brand-new clients into repeat purchasers (and actually makes you cash while you sleep).
The one page, “12- Point Onboarding & & Automation Audit” that grades every aspect of your onboarding procedure … from Welcome Email to your “How-to-Get-the-Most” Video.
PERK: 2 “bolt-on” fill-in-the-blank welcome e-mail design templates that you can connect to your consumer onboarding welcome e-mail series to maximize your impression.

Workshop Breakdown

Part 1 Marketing Automation: 101

Most individuals have a really narrow view of what “Marketing Automation” really is … and how it can impact their company. In part 1 you’ll find out precisely what Marketing Automation is … and (more notably) what it isn’t by taking a look at prime examples of the crucial parts of an effective consumer onboarding project.

Part 2 Designing Your Onboarding Campaign

We’ll stroll you through a detailed prepare for rapidly detailing your whole brand-new consumer onboarding project that aligns your brand name with your brand-new consumer and makes a strong impression …
Because that’s precisely what the Onboarding Series is … it’s your ONE and just shot to make a strong impression, get in touch with your brand-new consumer and stand apart in their mind for the foreseeable future.

Part 3 Building Your New Customer Onboarding Experience

Using SixthDivision’s shown, fill-in-the-blank design templates for crafting Welcome videos and e-mails, we’ll take you detailed through the whole procedure of developing a brand-new consumer onboarding project that sets expectations and shows the worth of your brand name. Generally, we reveal you how to take those brand-new clients and transform them to duplicate purchasers … and ultimately, brand name evangelists.

Part 4 Optimize Your Customer Onboarding Campaign

Starting with your Welcome Email to your initial video, you’ll take your freshly constructed onboarding project and tweak it to the requirements of among Marketing Automation’s prominent professionals … And he’ll exist to assist you every action of the method. This is where having a real professional in the field enters into play. You’ll complete this workshop with a totally personalized consumer onboarding project that will set the tone for your company’ future development.

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