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Years in the making, The Master Course In High-End Blocking & & & & Staging is the most passionate and comprehensive electronic cam blocking course in the world.

An innovative understanding tool made use of by everyone from newbies to Academy Award winners, the course teaches high-end electronic cam gotten rid of over 9 hours of 3D animated standard on 6 DVDs.
Dealing with stars, blocking is amongst the most necessary things a Director does, and ought to be really competent at.

The Master Course

A Total Language

The Master Course is a reliable system of single-camera stopping and an unequaled language of electronic cam work, that may basically modify the technique you direct.

The course was produced by director Per Holmes, who invested over half a years developing a total language of high-end function electronic cam work for specific use, and after that acknowledged simply just how much others would make the most of these techniques.

The Master Course is far beyond any present filmmaking program, and is prepared for specialists who want to take their blocking capabilities to the best level, and those who are crossing over from another discipline, nevertheless can be made use of by filmmakers at any level who are committed to mastering high-end directing.

What You Will Learn

The primary goal of The Master Course in High-End Blocking and Staging is to do the most trusted blocking with the best production-value, and to build a big collection of techniques to make Directing more significant– and ultimately more satisfying.

The course also deals with the concern that blocking normally gets a great deal of our attention that we’re needed to choose in between doing electronic cam work or nurturing piece de resistances. The electronic cam work suffers if we choose acting. If we choose electronic cam work, the stars are normally left to direct themselves. Amongst the important goals of the course is to have outstanding electronic cam work wound up being so automated that we can do both at the really exact same time.

When shooting, we also often desert great deals of outstanding shots we had really prepared. When we’re under pressure, we go back to tried and inspected techniques like 2 reverses and a master. Even if we comprehend great deals of techniques, we normally simply make use of the ones we comprehend exceptionally well, so another important goal of the course is to comprehend techniques so well that we actually use them.

The higher function of the course is to do as significant and substantial electronic cam work as possible. While the course invests a lot of time getting competent at technical things like detailed line-issues, the much deeper goal is to have a substantial understanding of the how and why of whatever. Ultimately, the goal is to have as precise and clear a mental impact as possible. All the hot movings we can establish (and we do establish a lot) are really suggests to that end.

Blocking With Models

Models are not just the most patient stars, there’s a truly particular element The Master Course uses them: They are completely expressionless. As we handle qualities in between the characters and blocking electronic cam movings, all sensations must be stemming from the electronic cam work.

Working with styles is exceptionally training, due to the reality that the effect of every technique winds up being so clear. As rapidly as we separate the acting performance from the electronic cam work, we get a much deeper understanding of how the electronic cam work presumes concepts and feelings.

The Master Course is also for …


Blocking is just as necessary for a Cinematographer as it is for a Director, typically a lot more so. On a best production, it’s not either the director or the cinematographer who makes blocking alternatives, nevertheless an intimate cooperation. When both have outstanding blocking capabilities, the treatment winds up being a lot more non-verbal, instinctive, and ingenious.

Directing is a full-time job, and some Directors want to devote their attention to developing and supporting the stars’ effectiveness, which is a beneficial goal, and is normally better for the stars.

When that applies, she or he relies on the Cinematographer to develop the entire camera-plot, and pick the angles and movings that finest extract the sensations in the scene.

Script Supervisors

As generally the Director’s right-hand male with regard to blocking, it’s necessary for a Script Supervisor to have a deep understanding of electronic cam work.

A Script Supervisor normally has a higher perspective, and stays in an unique position to determine errors when shooting. There’s definitely nothing more ensuring to a Director than to comprehend that a specific with comparable blocking capabilities is enjoying on the bigger image. With outstanding blocking capabilities, a Script Supervisor winds up being a depended on– and much needed– ally in working out scenes.


While Editing normally takes place long after the reality, stopping and customizing are so interwoven that an individual really can’t work without the other, and the course deals a reasonable bit with it. It’s in Editing that it winds up being clear which shots are needed, and an Editor with deep understanding of blocking is distinctly disposed for making shot suggestions.

3D/VFX/Game Animators

The filmmaking capabilities required for producing high-end cinematic or 3D series are no different from the capabilities required by an experienced Director. While it’s possible to establish any possible electronic cam moving in 3D, outstanding series stem from outstanding old-fashioned Directing, which is really independent of whether the medium is live-action or animated.

( Quick Tip: The fastest technique to use 3D electronic cam work a movie-feel is to rig a virtual dolly/crane in 3D and run within the really exact same limitations as “physical” filmmaking.

When that applies, she or he relies on the Cinematographer to develop the entire camera-plot, and pick the angles and movings that finest extract the sensations in the scene.


Whether on a little or a huge budget, the trick to extraordinary Videography is production-value. Production-value has exceptionally little to do with what something has actually actually cost to shoot, and whatever to do with how shots are established. It is what makes the difference in between a million-dollar production that looks inexpensive, and an economical production that looks 10 times its budget.

While the course is mainly customized towards narrative shooting, the really first 4 volumes are whatever about building a substantial language of electronic cam movings that utilize likewise well to any type of shooting. The underlying focus throughout the course is on producing the most advanced and sophisticated shots. Particularly Volume III and IV deal particularly with great deals of many dolly and crane techniques that will significantly increase the production-value of your next shoot.


It’s not uncommon for Actors to feel creatively restricted by cautious electronic cam work and requiring to strike marks to the millimeter. The reality is that outstanding electronic cam work can bring a depth to the character that is simply challenging to obtain by the performance alone. A deep understanding of electronic cam work makes it possible for an Actor to really comprehend what is being communicated, and take control of his/her performance in a whole new technique.


A script is a prepare for a movie, and a Writer with blocking capabilities has the capability to establish making up that relates completely into electronic cam work without constantly jumbling the script with stage directions. Making up that’s ended up with blocking in mind is exceptionally easy to Direct– or challenging to Direct inaccurate– and ensures that more of your vision end up on screen.

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